The Chavda Kanga Shop in Stone Town in Zanzibar is a good place to start. Follow that road that begins near Zanzibar Coffee House (near the market). To many this is also known as 'Kanga Street'. If in doubt, do ask people who are often happy to guide you there in person.

Dar es Salaam

Uhuru Street (from Mnazi Moja to Samora Avenue) is probably the best place in Dar es Salaam to buy both vitenge and kanga. You will also find kangas in shops scattered over town, for instance on Kawawa Road and in Kariakoo, but the best selection in one place is in Uhuru Street.

Between Kilombero Market (Makao Mapya Road) and the central bus station along Livingstone Street, you will find several shops scattered in the area which sell vitenge and kanga.

Kigoma & Ujiji

Though at 'the end of Tanzania', at Lake Tanganyika, far from the Swahili Coast, Kigoma shares a lot of cultural history with the coast (mainly due to the Arab slave traders). In Ujiji, few kilometres north of Kigoma you'll find kangas, as well as in the central market in Kigoma. The place is however mainly known for its vitenge and wax selection deriving from nearby Congo. Probably the best place in Tanzania to buy vitenge!

Please, note that 

- Chavda in Stone Town and Uhuru Street in Dar es Salaam in our experience are the best places to find kangas in Tanzania.

- That there is difference in quality (cotton or polyester) and thickness. Besides, Zanzibar kanga are often lighter than the ones in Arusha.

- We don't buy kangas online, and we cannot advise where to buy kangas online. We also do not sell or export kanga from East Africa. If you follow us on Instagram you'll find that we follow people who sell products produced by kanga fabric.

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